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A video series about known and unknown horrors in Kansas

Accepting Submissions for next season

Season 1: Free State Horror Stories


Free State Horror Stories is a video series that re-examines the best ghost stories from around Kansas. In 2020 the miniseries launched with a focus on ghost stories from Lawrence, Kansas. The folklore at Stubbs Mansion and the various tales from The Eldridge Hotel are told in season one. The documentaries feature Kansas ghost tour guides and authors on the subject. The videos also showcase historians and paranormal investigators. Not everyone agrees on details of the hauntings. However, there are multiple first hand accounts where people divulge what they saw (or felt).

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Using Expert Paranormal Videography

The miniseries is shot with a variety of camera equipment. Some of the camera equipment used in Free State Horror Stories is the same equipment used by paranormal investigators. For example, Investigators with Kansas City Paranormal Group use a Zoom recorder when investigating allegedly haunted sites. The documentary crew uses the same equipment. The video series mixes a blend of cinematographers and local videographers to shoot different scenes. All of the footage you see is gathered by the production company the year videos go live.


Story Ideas & Sponsors

We are currently accepting story submissions for the 2021 season.  Sponsorship opportunities are also available for individual episodes.  Please describe your interest below and we will reply by email.

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